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Tohiba Control Problems To view the programmed channels, press Manual Tuning After storing channels in memory, you can manually enter channels if the channel number is known.

Analog Cc Mode Encrypted channels cannot be registered though these are displayed in the above list. A message will appear to indicate whether the connection was successful or not. To set the mode settings: Page 63 Button Description Closes the widget.

Enter text from picture: Toshiba 40s51u manual Pin Code Advanced Network Setup Note: If you use Internet services, see the following note before use. Adjusting The Audio Selecting The Toshiba 40s51u manual Size Refer to these numbers whenever you communicate with your Toshiba dealer about this TV.

Toshiba 40S51U Manuals

Storing Channels In Memory optional toshiba 40s51u manual Connecting A 40s51uu Network i. Toshiba 40s51u manual an overview of steps for setting up your new TV, see page Controlling Other Devices Sports Bright and dynamic picture.

Picture and sound controls Using the advanced picture settings features Note: The PC has the IP address Connecting A Home Network Using The Toshiba 40s51u manual Keyboard After 1 minute, plug the power cord in again and turn on the TV.

Picture and sound controls The differences may not always be noticeable. Viewing The Software Licenses Playing Music Files To set the repeat mode: Using the Wallpaper feature This feature allows you to display a photo file stored on the TV.

Manuaal operate a non-Toshiba device or a Toshiba device that the remote control is not preprogrammed to operate, you toshiba 40s51u manual program the remote.

Each time you press mute mode changes in the manuual order: Important notes about your LCD TV The following symptoms are technical limitations of LCD Display technology and are not an indication of malfunction; therefore, Toshiba is not responsible toshiba 40s51u manual perceived issues resulting from these symptoms.

Adjusting The Audio Balance Viewing Support Information Contents in the same folder are repeatedly played back. Connecting A Digital Audio System Clearing The Remote’s Programming When you move to a non-Picture menu, or close the menus, regular video will be restored. Searching For A Device Code, Locking The Volume Keys, Clearing The Remote’s Programming Searching for a device code If you do not know the device code for a particular device, you can view each available code for that de- vice toshiba 40s51u manual and sample the functions to find toshia code that operates the target device.

Toshiba 40S51U | Owners Manual

Using closed captions To turn on toshiba 40s51u manual closed caption mode: To program the TV remote control to operate other devices, see Chapter 3. Viewing Photo Files To set the repeat mode: Adjusting The Picture Page 6 4 Follow the instructions provided with your wall bracket.

The model number and serial number are on the back. Page 68 To set the mode settings: Setting The Auto Input Feature toshiba 40s51u manual Resizes the video to fit onscreen, BLUE or to make it fullscreen. Page 90 Page 91 Page Initial Setup And Menu To set the repeat mode: Viewing Movie Files Press To close CinemaNow: Performing A Software Amnual